Club Vandalism.

While it is heartening to read kind words about our club and community it is disheartening to learn that acts of vandalism have occurred of recent around our Community Centre and Club playing fields. On Wednesday evening damage to our dugouts at our Club Playing Fields took place, see photo of damage below. Acts of vandalism have a wider impact on the community and a significant amount of money that could be spent on improving our club will have to go to repairs. ‘We feel angry, We try so hard to maintain our Club playing fields, and as a result progress daily as a GAA club – only for this to happen. We will do everything in our powers to ensure that those responsible face the full consequence of their actions. We would like to ask the local community to remain vigilant and if they witness any criminal damage in the club playing fields or children’s play areas to please get in touch with any club committee member or contact Club Secretary Thomas O’Hare on 07513584194. Thank you. — feeling disappointed.